What's your time worth?

I can change my oil

I often wonder, how much time do people waste searching for 'deals', and what value do they put on their time? Just because I CAN change my oil, doesn't mean I do. $39.99 is cheap if it saves me five hours by driving to store, buying oil, pan, filter, driving home, jacking up car, draining oil, adding new, and cleaning up!

How much is your time worth, to you? Are you paid a salary, $10, $20, $50 a hour? If you're paid $20 a hour, and you spend three hours searching for a 'deal' did that 'deal' you found save you $60? Did you spend four hours clipping coupons to save $8? We do, but is it actually worth it?

Use a expert... Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, and yes...Travel Agent!

Why, because they are experts!

Find a good one; they will save you TIME, money, stress, and they will have your back. I don't go to the doctor for a band-aid, call a lawyer for a parking ticket, or check with my accountant before buying a T-shirt; but when it's something with a few zero$ I don't rely on the internet.

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